We ship fast

With other sellers you will often wait weeks for your birds to arrive. We only sell birds we have in stock, so you get your birds quickly, often in just one or two days!

We guarantee live delivery of all of our gouldian finches

We breed only the strongest Gouldians so losses in transit are very rare; but in the event of birds not making it to you alive you are covered 100%. Many other sellers do not make this guarantee, especially if it was the delivery service that was at fault.

We only sell birds born and raised in our aviary

Don’t be fooled by other sellers of Gouldian finches who pretend to be breeders. Unlike all the other large online sellers, we are a breeder, not a broker/re-seller. With brokers, quality can be very hit or miss depending on which breeder the birds came from, what conditions they have been kept in, and the level of stress they have been exposed to before being shipped. Also, many of the brokers and pet stores regularly receive older “bred out” birds from their suppliers, often without being told. We will always send birds at or under one year old unless otherwise requested or disclosed.

Up Front Pricing

Other sellers claim to have “free” shipping only to hit you with a surprise $50-$100 box, or handling fee at checkout. We offer truly free shipping on all orders of 2 birds or more!

Healthy Birds

We run a closed aviary and don’t buy birds from other breeders for resale, so there is a much lower chance of our birds catching and spreading communicable diseases to other birds in your home.

Our Gouldians are bred and kept in large cages

Most breeders use tiny, cramped breeding cages. The cages we use are much larger than the tiny, cramped “finch” cages used by most breeders. This gives our birds the ability to be able to exercise which helps keep them healthy and happy.

Our pictures are unedited and untouched

We don’t use Photoshop or other editors to make our birds appear more impressive than they are. Often, sellers will edit the colors of their birds to make them look brighter than they really are. Other sellers use stock images, or images found on Google. We ONLY use untouched pictures of birds raised in our aviary. What you see are our birds 100%!

We Care About Our Customers

It is extremely important to do a web search, and check reviews online for any company before ordering live birds. Many sellers have built reputations of poor service, long shipping delays, and selling birds in poor health. We pride ourselves on not only caring for our birds but our customers as well!