Will two different color gouldian finches breed?

Yes! It is perfectly fine to breed two different color gouldian finches together. You will get a variety of colors in your offspring depending on the colors you breed together. Be sure to check out the “Color Calculator” page for a great link that will tell you the possible colors your babies could be!

What food should I feed my gouldians?

We recommend a base diet using a high quality finch seed mix such as Higgins brand Vita Seed. Our birds are also given organic greens several times per week. Things like green kale, broccoli, carrot tops, are usually readily accepted.

Can I pick my birds up at your aviary?

In order to prevent the introduction of illnesses to our birds we do not allow visitors to our aviary. If you would like to pick up your birds locally (Daytona Beach area), select “Local pickup” as your delivery method at checkout. We will contact you after you order and set up a time to meet with you to pick up your birds.

Can I keep two male or two female gouldians together?

Yes! Gouldian finches in general are a peaceful species and keeping two males or females together is perfectly fine. A lot of people prefer to keep just males because of their brighter colors.

Are gouldian finches loud?

Gouldians are a fairly quiet species of bird. The females chirp, and the males will sing a sweet, soft song. Often, males will stand upright and hop up and down on a perch to try and impress female gouldians. It is quite entertaining to watch!