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The Gouldian Guy | Gouldian Finches For SaleTips for buying Gouldian Finches

Tips for buying Gouldian Finches. Here at The Gouldian Guy we believe that getting the healthiest, most robust birds is key in having success in keeping and raising lady gouldian finches. Here, we will explore some things to look for when buying gouldian finches as well as questions to ask a seller of gouldians.

Tips on questions we recommend asking anytime you are buying gouldian finches

  • Do you raise your own gouldian finches or purchase and re-sell them? Many sellers are simply brokers, and have little or no knowledge of the age and health of the birds they sell
  • When will I receive my birds? This is key! If a seller cannot give you a concrete date that they will ship your gouldians, it is likely they are taking orders and buying gouldians to re-sell to you.

If you are buying lady gouldian finches in person

  • Look for active healthy birds of good size.
  • Avoid gouldian finches that look stressed! Birds that are puffed up are usually stressed or ill. Buying birds like this will often end in heartbreak.
  • Look at the Gouldian’s eyes. A sick or stressed bird will often have “sick eyes” that look lifeless or partially closed.
  • Examine feet and beak for signs of crusty areas. This is an indication of an older bird or bird with mite issues.
  • Watch for any open mouth breathing or discharge from the beak or nostrils. These can be an indication of a sick gouldian finch

We encourage you to do your research before buying gouldian finches online or buying in person, and hope these tips for buying gouldian finches are helpful to you!

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