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The Gouldian Guy | Gouldian Finches For SaleGouldian Finches as Pets

Lady gouldian finches are some of the most stunning birds available in the pet industry. In the past gouldian finches have had a reputation for being extremely fragile and likely to get sick and or die without cause. I have found that the reason many struggle with keeping gouldian finches comes down to a few common causes. Poor breeding, lack of knowledge of the species, and poor care. Below I will outline some of the common pitfalls to to having gouldian finches as pets.

  • Poor Breeding- This is perhaps the number one problem I have found with pet gouldians. Many of the birds available come from facilities that care very little about the genetic strength of the birds. Some breeders don’t even track genetics which leads to inbreeding, genetic health issues, and just overall poor health. ALWAYS check out the breeder or seller you will be getting pet birds from. We strongly recommend doing an internet search for reviews and experiences from previous customers. This will weed out a lot of breeders of poorer quality birds.
  • Lack of knowledge of the species- While I believe that well bred gouldians are significantly tougher than those bred for quantity over quality, a lack of knowledge of the proper care of the birds can easily lead to sick/unwell birds. For example, gouldian finches are very susceptible to air sac mites. These nearly microscopic insects live inside the respiratory system of the birds, and may go unnoticed for months or even years without causing an issue. But a sudden flare up can kill very quickly. While air sac mites can never be completely eliminated due to dormancy of some mites during treatment; a simple drop of a mite killing product (scatt) every few months can eliminate this threat. Another example would be female gouldians getting egg bound. While egg binding will kill a bird in less than 24 hours, a liquid calcium supplement can all but eliminate the risk of this fatal condition.
  • Poor Care- Some pet finch species are more forgiving when it comes to poor care. Lady gouldians need a healthy diet, room to fly and proper lighting to thrive. We recommend a cage with a minimum length of 30 inches to allow for adequate flying space. A quality finch seed mix, chopped greens a few times per week, an egg food during breeding and molting, and a quality vitamin supplement go a long way in keeping gouldian finches happy and healthy. A light source with daylight or even full spectrum lighting is ideal for pet gouldian finches. M&M cage lighting offers high quality lighting for birds. Click here to visit their site!

We make it our mission here at The Gouldian Guy to breed and sell only high quality, well bred lady gouldian finches. We hope you will visit us at to see what sets us apart from other sellers.

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